Jim'll Fix It Soap

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Soap on a rope... in the shape of the famous medal

Just like the '80s never ended! The Jim'll Fix It show ran on the BBC for 16 years, and in all that time we bet you never wrote in and got your hands on one of those famous Jim'll Fix it Badges. No? Well now is your chance! Faithfully recreated in soap, this is officially licensed from Sir Jimmy Savile himself and is available exclusively from SUCK UK!

Made by Suck UK

Jim'll Fix It
Soap on a rope!
The famous medal from the classic ‘80s children’s TV show - recreated in soap
70 x 70 x 20 mm
designed by SUCK UK 

If you grew up in the 1970s or '80s, chances are that you grew up watching Jimmy Savile on the BBC's Jim'll Fix It show. Every week, hopeful kids - and some grownups - would put pen to paper and compose their begging letters: ‘Dear Jim, will you fix it for me to spend a night in an igloo/be a pantomime horse/drive a crane ..?’ (You get the idea).  The show often received over 3,000 letters a day.

Jim would "fix it" for several lucky children's wishes to come true each week.  The lucky participants were presented with a "Jim fixed it for me" medal - the famous Jim'll Fix It Badge! 
The show ran for a staggering 19 years – from May 1975 until June 1994 – and was often number 1 in the ratings. The series hit an all-time high of 19 million viewers in 1980.  Jimmy Savile was knighted by the Queen in 1990.  So, if you don't remember the Jim'll Fix It show, it was probably before you were born!

We bet that - like us and millions of other hopefuls - Jim never did fix it for you to go skydiving (or spend a night in an igloo), so you never did get presented with the famous Jim'll Fix It Badge.  Now, after all these years, you can finally get your medal.  SUCK UK proudly present - in association with Sir Jimmy Savile himself – the Jim'll Fix It Soap On A Rope (actually, it’s a ribbon).  Just like the real thing, only crafted from the finest soap!  Now, don't go and ruin it by wearing it in the shower!