Cat Bike Bell New
Simple brass bell with cat-titude
Magic Polka Dot Umbrella New
Raindrops expose a playful pattern.
Dinosaur Lunch Box New
Round up all your ROAR-some stuff!
Jetpack Backpack New
Jetpack Backpack take off for school
Chemistry Terrarium Kit New
Custom lab-flask to home a mini indoor garden.
Stag Kitchen Tidy New
Turn wooden spoons and spatulas into antlers.
Drum Kit Cases New
A set of three stackable storage tins
Hippo Bottle Opener New
A bottle opener with serious bite
Bottle Light Multicolour Best Seller
Our best-selling rechargeable light with a colourful twist.
Cat Napkins New
Keep your whiskers clean
Flashing Cake Topper New
Retro neon sign creates dazzling cake decoration.
Create Your Own Notebook New
The everlasting notebook, reuse old paper before recycling it.
Plant Pot Bookends New
A classic terracotta plant pot split in half.
G-Clamp Bottle Opener New
Temporarily attach anywhere.
Cactus Coaster Construction Set New
Create cacti out of interlocking drink mats.
Push Pin Clips New
Display photos without leaving pinholes
Dinosaur Bottle Opener New
For roarsome refreshment
Desktop Cork Pinboard New
Ornate picture frame made from cork.
3D Sticky Note Specimen Box
Paper butterfly wall decorations & notes - specimen edition.
Pillow Egg Cup New
Deceptively comfy looking porcelain pillow.
Stick Man Bottle Opener
Your helpful new best friend.
Skeleton Jewellery Tidy
Keep things in the palm of your hand.
Cross Stitch Map Best Seller
Sew your way around the world.
Salad Servers
Game set and match.
Mr Salt & Mrs Pepper
Smartly dressed wooden grinders.
No Pressure Coffee Dripper
Espresso is over, drip coffee rules.
Bird Skull
Jewellery keeper, for your most valued things.
BBQ Toolbox New
Get the right tool for the job.
Rocket Lemon Juicer
Give your food a blast of citrus.
Cork Tape Dispenser
Tape Dispenser made entirely from cork.
Bell Jar Lamp
Illuminate your favourite objects in a glass case.
Skull Bike Bell
Simple brass bell with attitude.
Solar System Erasers
8 Tiny planets made from rubber.
Guitar Case Lunch Box Best Seller
Carry sandwiches like a rock-star.
Protractor Pizza Cutter
For a precise slice.
Cork Cactus
Prickly desktop organiser.
Table Tennis Notebooks
Two bats and a net printed onto notebook covers.
Tea Towel Targets
Chicken / Beef / Pork $12.00
A collection of animal tea towels for targeting those dirty dishes!
Cat Scratch Laptop
Cardboard toy for geeky cats.
Add savings to your piggy bank.
Skull Soy Dish
Dangerously cool sauce serving dish.
Walking Erasers
Robot / Dinosaur / Gorilla $12.00
Walking monsters made from rubber.
Rocket Salt & Pepper Mill
Natural / Dark $100.00
Large retro spaceship kitchen grinders.
City Erasers
London / New York / Paris $5.00
Mini architecture in rubber.
Animal Head Key Holder
Bull / Rhino / Tiger $15.00
Steel trophy heads with magnetic shield.
Rechargeable Floating Light Best Seller
Rechargeable light turns glasses into lamps
3D Sticky Notes
Paper butterfly wall decorations & notes
Super Market Hero
Tough and reusable shopping bag.
Dirty Sock Monkey
Huggable Sock Monkey Laundry Bag.
Butterfly Umbrella
Transform rainy days into something beautiful.
Our Life Story
Black / Grey $60.00
Joint diary for your adventures together.
Kaboom Timer
This 60 minute kitchen timer Is the bomb.
Party Animals
Bull / Deer / Rhino $8.00
Bottle pourers for drinks or oil & vinegar.
Fly Push Pins
Joke bugs to pin on your noticeboard.
Big Mouth Bookmark
Tongue shaped bookmark really sticks out.
BBQ Apron Guides
BBQ Cooking Instruction at your fingertips.
Lunch Bot
Robot lunch box made from colourful tin.
Skull Sugar-Spoon
Silver / Gold $8.00
Sugar is bad - enforce portion control.
Skyline Gift Wrap
Your presents will look like a mini city.
Split-ring Bottle Opener
Keyring that doubles as a bottle opener.
Ice Lolly Maker
Ice cream truck shaped Ice-lolly moulds.
Transparent Notes
Arrow / Bolt / Star $5.00
Clear advantage over regular sticky notes.
Transport Notes
Rocket / Train $5.00
Rocket & Train sticky notes and markers.
Bauble Socks
Santa / Snowman $8.00
Roll up your socks into Xmas baubles.
Custom Cookie Stamp Best Seller
Add personalised stamps to your baking.
My Travel Journal
Blue / Black $35.00
A giant diary for a lifetime of globe trotting.
Waist Apron
A cut-off apron with tips and conversions.
Christmas Stockings
Send gifts in stocking shaped mail bags.
Greedy Pig
Turn empty containers into piggy banks.
Planet Socks
Ball your socks up to look like Earth.
Skull Socks
Ball your socks up to look like a skull.
Foosball Erasers
Play table football anywhere with a pencil.
Bear Skin Picnic Blanket
Extravagant bear shaped picnic rug.
Ball Socks
Basketball / Football / Tennis / Baseball / 8 Ball $8.00
Roll your socks into footballs, baseballs...
Rockstar Nail File
Hippie / Metal / Rock $8.00
File your nails on tiny guitars. Rock n Roll.
Transparent Notes
Bubble / Heart $5.00
Add comments and likes to anything.
Tea with the Queen
The Queen's head cookie cutters.
Animal Sticky Notes
Bird / Duck / Elephant $5.00
Cute critter sticky notes & page markers.
SMS Sticky Notes
Text message conversations on paper.
Love Hearts Party Scatter
Love is in the air, paper party decorations.
Cork Globe Best Seller
Large $200.00 / Small $80.00
Pinpoint your travels right on the globe.
Frozen Peas
Giant pea-pod makes giant ice cube balls.
Text Speak Erasers
BFF / LOL / OMG $4.00
Colourful erasers & colourful language.
Rechargeable Bottle Light Best Seller
$15.00 / Twin Pack $30.00
Rechargeable light that turns bottles into lamps
3D Crocodile Ice
Make monster sized croc ice cubes.
3D Zombie Ice
Make monster zombie hand ice cubes.
Touch Point Stylus
Turn anything into a iPhone stylus.
Crazy Laces
Rainbow / Strawberry / USA $8.00
Do up your shoes with bright designs.
Drumstick Pen Best Seller
Blue / Black $8.00
2 pens that are also fun drumsticks.
My Family Cook Book Best Seller
Red / Black $35.00
Blank cookbook for your family's recipes.
Alphabet Erasers
Box of 350 $350.00
Brightly coloured letter shaped erasers.
Fridge Fonts
Fridge magnet letters with character.
Legless Corkscrew
Pirate "Waiter's Friend" bottle opener.
Display Units
The best way to display SuckUK in your store.
Jack Rabbit Best Seller
Headphone splitter, share with friends.
Robot Nut Cracker
Large Blue $40.00 / Red $30.00 / Natural $30.00
Retro Wooden Robots Crack Tough Nuts
Reflective Umbrella
Be bright - Be seen at night.
3D Space Cookie Cutters
Bake your own 3D space ships.
Touch Screen Stylus (Pen)
Blue / Black $12.00
Perfect stylus for iPad & iPhone.
Tab Notebooks
Better notebooks because tabs stand out.
Sketch Stylus
One end is a stylus, the other is a pencil.
Chums Desk Tidy
Keep desk clutter in his monster mouth.
Rainbow Jelly Mould
An array of colourful rainbow flavours.
Playing Card Notebook
A deck of cards bound into a notebook.
3D Safari Cookie Cutters
Bake and assemble 3D Safari Animals.
Skull Tidy Best Seller
White / Black $80.00
Organise your essentials in your head.
Punch Bag Laundry Bag Best Seller
Turn a chore into a workout
Bunny Light
Porcelain white rabbit with a light-up tail.
Pet Bow Tie
Reversible bow ties for cats and dogs.
Height Chart
Stick to the fridge & measure your kids.
3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters
Bake & assemble 3D dinosaurs.
Push Pins
Disguise / Mole / Nessie $12.00
Fun shaped pins for noticeboards.
Cat Play House
Cabin / TeePee $35.00
Irresistible cardboard toy houses for cats.
Bakeball Bat
Rolling pin for baseball fans.
Heart Straws
Celebrate with the people you care about.
Spooky Bat Pegs
Sleeping vampire bats, useful clips.
Sitting Duck Pegs
Fairground duck shoot, useful clips.
Wing Nut Sharpener
Good grip for unrivalled ease of operation.
Cocktail Challenge
Drink mats with cocktail recipes & game.
Royal Hooks
King / Queen $25.00
His & Hers chess piece wall hooks.
Edible Eyes
USA $8.00
Stick on to create snacks with character.
Clockwork Sharpener
Wind-up key shaped pencil sharpener.
Guard Dog Money Box
Protect your savings better than any piggy.
A Home for your keys
Don't lose your house keys again.
Silly Notes
Tiny blocks of fun shaped page markers.
House Memo Pad
Large memo block in the form of a house.
Home Guard
Book End / Door Stop $40.00
Doorstop & Bookend giant toy soldiers.
Paper Teddy
Monkey $16.00
Decorate and send through the post.
Green Aid Bag
Re-usable shopping bag - War on plastic.
Quack Tape Dispenser
Hear the quack when you unwind the tape.
House Page Markers
House-shaped colourful blocks of stickers.
Cat Scratch Turntable
Cardboard DJ turntable scratching cat toy.
Sprout Bookmark
Don't lose your page, bring books to life.
Love Heart Stamp
Ink stamps with heartfelt messages.
Handy Sticky Notes
Communicate with paper hand gestures.
Cardboard Radio
Card iPod speaker with great sound.
T-Shirt Folder
Perfectly folded T-shirts every time.
Reflective Biker Socks
Hi-Vis socks for cyclists.
Sticky Tape Dispenser
NOT a builders tape measure.
Paper Watch
Decorate your own or stick to white Tyvek.
Make your own ransom note postcards.
Apron Guides
Kitchen tips and very helpful conversions.
Water Wars
Water pistols & colour change target vests.
Mummy Mike
Back from the dead - rubber band holder.
Flower Grenade
Bombs smash open to spread the seeds.
Sylvester Bird Box
Wooden bird house with sleepy cat face.
Cookie Stamper
Home Made / Eat Me / I Love You $9.00
Personalise your home baked cookies.
Salt & Pepper 'Bots
Walking, clockwork robot condiments.
Colour Change Umbrella Best Seller
Black $35.00 / Red Kid's $20.00
Changes to bright colours when wet.
Musical Ruler
Guidebook to ruler playing, and ruler.
Bar Games Beer Mats
Set of beer mats with games & puzzles.
Sharpener Desk Tidy Best Seller
Light $30.00 / Double $50.00 / Dark $30.00
Supersize pencil sharpener pen-pot.
Book Mark
Macabre - Squash Mark in your book.
Book Rest Lamp
House shaped bedside reading light.
Xmas Pud Bin Bags
Disguise your garbage this Xmas
Postcard Aeroplane
Mail a personalised retro plywood plane.
Origami Sticky Notes
Recycle your old notes into Origami.
Teddy Bear Lamp
A cute teddy with a lamp for a head.
Stress-Ball Paul Best Seller
Vindictive - Stress busting rubber toy.
Fetch My Keys
Find your keys, whistle and they beep.
Skate Mirror
Glass skateboard to hang on your wall.
My Life Story Best Seller
Black / Natural $60.00
A diary for a whole lifetime of memories.
Cat Toys
Fire Truck / Plane / Tank / Catillac $35.00
Irresistible cardboard toy vehcles for cats.
Fire Bucket Ashtray
Mini fire bucket with sand.
Carve Your Own Card
Carve your personal message into wood.
Clocky Best Seller
Aqua Blue / Chrome / Gold $80.00
Alarm Clock that runs away to get you up.
Touch Screen Stylus (Pencil)
Red / Yellow / White $12.00
More accurate than using your fingers.
Mix Tape USB Stick
Give the gift of great music on a mixtape.
Drumstick Pencils Best Seller
2 wooden pencils that are also drumsticks.
Emergency Money Box
Break glass to get at emergency cash.
MyCuppa Mugs
Coffee / Tea $16.00
Get your tea & coffee just the right colour.
Come In & Go Away "Ambigram"
Shot Gun Flask
Shot gun shack ... Shot gun wedding ...
Sun Jar Best Seller
Yellow / Blue / Pink $40.00
Solar powered garden light in a mason jar.
Dead Fred Pen Holder
Gruesome - Stab Fred with your pen
Flask In A Book
Stash your drink inside the Good Book.
Slide Light
6' (36 Slides) $300.00
Display your old photos in a wall light.
Key Bottle Opener
Looks like a regular key - Opens bottles.
3Guns Vase
Ceramic flower vase Inspired by peace.
Ceramic Gun Vase
Wall vase inspired by peace.
Glow Brick
Green / Blue $40.00
Glow in the dark light-bulb night light.
Coffee Table
Standard $3700.00
Furniture that lights up the room.
Magnetic Bottle Opener
Red / Polished $20.00
Sticks to your fridge and open bottles.
Rubber Ashtray
Indestructible soft & squeezy ashtray.
Notebook & Pencil
Large $15.00 / Small $10.00
Notebook with cut-out to hold your pencil.
Little Big Trivet
Natural $28.00
Adjustable wooden table-top protector.
Star Spangled Spatula Stainless Steel
A professional all-American chefs spatula.
Bank in the form of a Pig
Gold $252.00
Large realistic looking gold piggy bank.
Cubebot Medium
Natural $35.00
Wooden robot puzzles fold into 3.5" cubes