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Baking Apron Guide

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Printed upside-down - read while you cook.

  • 100% cotton full-length apron with printed detailing.
  • Detailed recipes, baking techniques and baking glossary.
  • Printed upside down for easy reading while baking.

An idea by John Caswell made by Suck UK

890 x 892 x 20mm | 0.3Kg

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Baking aid at your fingertips!

Say goodbye to sticky screens and recipe books, as all the information you will ever need for baking is printed on this 100% cotton apron. One size fits all with a handy pocket on the front. The apron has been cleverly designed with the print upside down for easy reading whist protecting your clothes. The perfect gift for any star baker.

Design by John Caswell

Apron Baking Guide