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Create your own ransom style postcards

It can be busy work kidnapping folk – finding a car with the right boot space, making it out of B&Q with the rope and the gaffer tape and the wheel barrow, trying to think of a legitimate reason to buy a balaclava in July. One of the most time consuming parts though, is sitting down with a Pritt Stick and a woman’s weekly, cutting out the letters for your ransom note.

Luckily, Suck UK can help! Our Blackmail pack contains two blank postcards, and over 250 assorted self-adhesive letters. Peel the letters from the backing paper and stick to the postcards to create your own ransom messages! Everything from “Have a great birthday, or else!” to “Be my Valentine… or the puppy gets it!”.

If you are to use it to do actual kidnappings, please be aware that it will be postmarked. That and your B&Q loyalty card will be your undoing…

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