Sardine cat bowl

Sardine Tin Cat Bowl

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Ceramic Sardine Tin Cat Food Bowl.

  • White ceramic replica of a sardine can.
  • Slightly oversize to fit a generouse portion.
  • Metalic glazed details for realistic look.
  • Striking iconic and retro sardine branding.
  • Durable and hard-wearing glazed ceramic.
  • Food grade and dishwasher safe.
  • Plastic free product and packaging.

It's well established that cats can't get enough sardines - but not even the most cat crazy, crazy cat person is going to put up with the smell of sardines stinking up the house every time tiddles demands dinner. Not to mention the stinkiest cat breath imaginable. We provide a compromise, all the satisfaction of noshing sardines direct from the can, without the actual fish. Just crack open a can of your regular gourmet cat dinner and serve it up in our ceramic sardine can. Tiddles will be dead impressed we promise.

Made by Suck UK

150 x 53 x 90mm | 0.2Kg