Chalk Chess

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Complete chess set made from chalk.

A full set of chess pieces made from white and black chalk. Take them with you wherever you go and, whenever you get the urge for a game, draw the board out on any convenient surface!

Made by Suck UK

Urn Ashtray

Chess - a game of mental dexterity, a game of patience, a game where 2 great minds can meet. But how much better would it be if you could scrawl "I WOZ ERE" on the pavement with a pawn's head? These beautifully crafted pieces are made from black and white chalk, making up a complete, perfectly proportioned set, which can be used to scribble up your very own chess board. Confuse your opponent by smudging around a few squares when they're not looking or wear down the crown of their king in a rage. This is a genius gift for a chess lover or anyone with a good sense of humour.

Design by William Shannon