Flower Grenade

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Bombs smash open to spread the seeds.

Gardening's gone guerrilla. An alternative and fun way to grow your own wild flowers with Grenade shaped seed bombs. Turn barron ground into a green wilderness, just smash the bombs and let nature do the rest.

Made by Suck UK

Flower Grenade

Gardening’s gone guerilla - You’ve seen them, you may have looked away, but you’ve seen them. Those forgotten areas of the estate, left to fall apart and fall into disrepair. The municipal scrubland where nothing can grow... Or can it? Turn the concrete jungle into a wilderness with our compacted wild flower seed grenades. Buttercups and Poppies will take at least 3 weeks to start growing Ryegrass will be the first thing to grow after about one week

We advise this product should only be shipped within Europe,
There may be restrictions on seed imports to other countries.

Pack of 3 - Design by Tony Minh Nguyen and Snowhome