Graffiti Train

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Blank canvas train with graffiti art transfers

Let your creativity run wild ... bring out your inner graffiti artist! Apply these cool graffiti transfers to the surface of the train, in any way you please, to create your own personal product.

Made by Suck UK

  Blank Canvas Train  
  Customise your blank canvas train with graffiti transfer sheets included
If you're the type of person who looks at a gleaming new inter-city train as a blank canvas for your creativity, then this is for you.
graffiti transfer sheets
A beautiful blank canvas in the form of a white resin model train. To fire your imagination, this kit comes
complete with decals. We've provided loads of graffiti and tags so you can go wild making this train your very
own. It's what you did to your toys when you were a kid ... only you can vandalise this train without getting a clip round the ear!
designed by SUCK UK