Hello My Name Is Beer Mats

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Beer mats and a nametag all in one

  • The iconic ‘Hello my name is…’ name tag on a beer mat
  • Learn how to introduce yourself in 30 languages
  • Write your name or doodle while your drink
  • Guess the languages & countries
  • Protect your table from drips and stains

Say hello to your friends in another language! A dual purpose beer mat for your parties, pub crawls, & night outs. Sick of losing your drinks at parties? Claim your beverage by writing your name on a drinks mat that introduces you to the crowd. Amuse your pals with an entertaining game of guessing each language featured. With 30 different languages to learn, find out if you’re a linguistic genius by looking on the back for answers, pronunciations, and locations. Cheers!

Made by Suck UK


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