Quack Tape Dispenser

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Hear the quack when you unwind the tape.

When you pull tape from the roll, it sometimes sounds a bit like a duck quacking. Dont believe us, try for yourself, right now, go on. It's pretty similar right? Therefore we give you... Duck Tape.

Made by Suck UK

Urn Ashtray
If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a sticky tape dispenser. Unfortunately for you, or fortunately - depending on your passion for sticking things to other things, there are only a finite number of objects in the world, and so, only a finite number of shapes a tape dispenser can be made into. It's a wonder then that in the 80 years since the tape dispenser was invented (never let it be said we don't do our research) this format of making it look like something unrelated can still come up with products that make people smile. The Duck-Tape Dispenser is one of those products. As well as tactfully dodging two separate possible lawsuits… (that's a punch line about companies with names similar to 'duck-tape' being cross with us, and it being like water off a ducks back. The jokes are here, you just have to look for them). The other way the shape of a duck relates to the tape dispenser market is that, on pulling the tape out, it sometimes sounds a bit like a duck quacking. Not enough to assemble a Hitchcock style rooftop full of mallards outside your house – but certainly enough to warrant another tape dispenser winging its way onto the market. Wooden tape dispenser shaped like a duck.

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