Reflective Biker Stickers

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Skull and bike logos for safer cycling.

Self adhesive, reflective patches to light you up at night. Safe cycling is finally cool with this great twist on a classic biker motif! Stick them to your clothing, bike frame, helmet, bag, trainers, mudflap, skates, etc. One large sticker - perfect for the back of your jacket - and two smaller ones for anywhere else you like!

Made by Suck UK

Reflective Biker Sticker Reflective Biker Sticker Reflective Biker Sticker
Pack Contains 3 stickers

1x Large - 21x14cm
2x Small - 10x6cm
Reflective Sticker on helmetReflective Sticker on BagReflectice Sticker on Mudguard

Do you cycle every day?  Or just hang around in the dark?  Then these reflective biker stickers
are for you.  Obviously, it's safety first and fashion second - but why leave the house looking
like a lollipop-man when you can step out with these babies?   With a skull-meets-bike
design that's just a little bit amazing, they're easily noticeable.  Pack contains 2 small stickers
- great for your bike or arms - and 1 large sticker - perfect for your back.  Or your face if you
go trick-or-treating...   These stickers are fully reflective and can be stuck just about
anywhere. Protect yourself from passing traffic and a style disaster all at once.

Designed by William Warren

Applying your Biker Stickers may be tricky!
Take your time and read these instructions first...
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