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Tab Notebooks

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Better notebooks because tabs stand out.

  • Set of 4 A5 notebooks, each with different colour pages
  • Useful tabs on each page for easy organisation
  • 64 pages per book
  • Separate, categorise and prioritise your notes!

A set of 4 notebooks shaped with tabs that stick out for labelling. Write on the cover tabs to clearly organise your notebooks by topic. Write on the inner tabs to keep track of your thoughts and quickly find pages within each book. Colour coded paper helps keep your ideas in order. 256 pages split over 4 books with blue, green, pink and yellow pages. Great for filing recipes, separating projects, categorising notes or prioritising jobs. Sometimes you just can’t be too organised. Easily visible on the bookshelf, the colours and tabs provide a flexible and easy way to personalise, organise and record information.

An idea by Moko made by Suck UK

160 x 210 x 5mm | 90g