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Touch of Ginger


They started like so many; designing from the spare bedroom, packing stock in the garage and blagging business deals on the kitchen phone. Since launching Touch of Ginger in 2000, they have learned some hard lessons and made a few mistakes. Now, like their brand of product innovation, they are seeing things differently...

No one really knows why bugs are attracted to light bulbs or why they batter themselves senseless when they find one. We think our Xbugs look pretty good in any light though. If you fancy a challenge, these construction kits come flat-packed with an allen key for self assembly - for big kids over 14yrs, not a toy.

Some people use an old shoe box or Tesco bag, others will stuff them into a sock drawer and forget about them; it's a fact of modern life that receipts will just pile up if you let them.

Spike is an up-date on the old shop-keepers bill spike, only just a bit smarter with a beautifully sculpted base of polished aluminum in the form of a water droplet.

Claude Coat Hook
Looking suspiciously like a claw hammer, Claude is in fact a well-hard coat hook with attitude! You can hang a ton of stuff on his head and he won't lose his temper, just be sure he's properly nailed to the wall though...

Tax Disc Holder
Our magnetic tax disc holder is a firm favourite with petrol heads and car enthusiasts. It is very easy to fit, and replacing a tax disc is child's play unlike most other holders. 

T-disc will give years of service; just as well it looks so smart then.

Wallet Bottle Opener
If you were desperate you could open that bottle using the edge of a table, the heel of your shoe or even your front teeth! Don't do it! We suggest you use our ultra cool Wallet Bottle Opener and keep your image in tact.

.Credit card sized 
.Stylish etched stainless steel
.Super slim to fit your wallet