Wishy Washy Soap

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Rub the lamp and get what you wish for.

Wash your hands with this magic lamp soap and make a wish! Rub the lamp and maybe - just like a fairy tale - a genie will appear to grant you 3 wishes. Magic the grime away the wishy washy way and make your wishes come true. BUT - be careful what you wish for!

Made by Suck UK

Soap in the shape of a genie's lamp.
Do you sit in your bath and wish
Christina Aguilera would appear?
Well, sadly this is a lamp, not a
bottle, so that's not going to happen
- but give it a rub anyway!  Who
knows - a genie might pop out and
grant your wish (as long as you wish
to be very very clean).

If you rub a Genie's lamp, tradition
says he will appear and grant you
3 wishes.  Similar things happen
when you rub the Wishy Washy
lamp-shaped soap ... ok, we're
misusing the word 'similar' ... but at
least you'll be clean.

Design by Chloe Coulson