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Neon Bird in a Cage

A bird shaped neon light in a metal cage.
This self-contained lamp comprises a white neon tube in the shape of a bird, perched inside a simple black metal cage that can be hung from the ceiling or placed on a table. The bird is 6” tall and adds a fresh white glow to any space. Traditionally neon lights have been the preserve of bars & nightclubs, but new technology brings cold cathode to your home, conveniently powered by 4 AAA batteries or USB (2m cable included). All the pleasures of owning a pet bird with added convenience of an on-off switch and no need for feeding or cleaning up bird poop.

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CE MarkFCC (USA Only)This is not a ToyUSBRecyclable Packaging

CE Mark Meets health, safety and environmental protection requirements of EU directives.

FCC (USA Only) Complies with part 15 of FCC rules. Safe to use without interfering with other electrical devices.

This is not a Toy This product is not intended for children, and has not been classified as a toy.

USB Universal Serial Bus. Allows devices to be powered or charged with a standard USB power adaptor.

Recyclable Packaging Made from materials that can easily be recycled if disposed of correctly.