18th birthday


Say hello to voting, drinking and finally being an adult! The big 1-8 is nothing short of a milestone, and what better way to kiss goodbye to adolescence than with a gift to get them started on their next adventure. From fun drinking games to play with friends to novelty speakers to play their favourite music, our unique range of 18th birthday gifts are sure to help them celebrate.

19 Products
F*#?ING Scratch Map
My Life Story
Cocktail Challenge
Wireless Cassette Speaker
White String Light
My Travel Journal
Multicolour String Light
Marble Power Bank
Sharpener Desk Tidy
$24.00 / $36.00
Punch Bag Laundry Bag
Send a Sound Message
Legless Corkscrew
Skull Tidy
Flashing Cake Topper
Flamingo Bottle Opener
BBQ Toolbox
Bar Games Beer Mats
Project Yourself
For Medicinal Purposes