Helping you take care of yourself by taking it easy. Perfect for: yogis, workaholics, spiritual enthusiasts, craft lovers. Calm Club is dedicated to helping charities and community projects which make a real difference to peoples lives at a grass roots level. Currently, our financial support goes to The Avenues Youth Project, which is local to our studio in West London. A percentage of every Calm Club product sold is donated to this very worthy cause.

27 Products
Screen Time
$60.00 New
Needle & Hoop
$35.00 New
Flower Power
$20.00 New
Deck of Calm
$23.00 New
Body Work
$23.00 New
Yoga Deck
$23.00 Best Seller
The Oracle
Big Night In
Relaxation Rituals
Wax & Wick
Rest Easy
Yoga Box
$80.00 New
Sweet Dreams
Fortune Teller
Mocktail Faking Kit
$35.00 New
Healing Stones
$30.00 New
Good Vibes
$30.00 Best Seller
High Tea
Foot Work
Hang Time
Comfort Blanket
Cosy Knit
$25.00 New
Slow Burners
Bath Board
Yoga Flow
Sleep Well