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Secret Santa
Flamingo Bottle Opener
Bring some bright pink to the bar.
Legless Corkscrew Best Seller
Pirate "Waiter's Friend" bottle opener.
Sketch in full colour.
World Timeline Tape New
History Unravelled.
Cats Snap
Give your cat character and snap it.
Cat Napkins
Keep your whiskers clean.
Cat Nail Files
Cute cat shaped nail files.
Fetch My Keys
Find your keys, whistle and they beep.
MyCuppa Mugs
Tea $16.00
Get your tea & coffee just the right colour.
Key Bottle Opener
Looks like a regular key - Opens bottles.
G-Clamp Bottle Opener
Temporarily attach anywhere.
Drumstick Pencils Best Seller
2 wooden pencils that are also drumsticks.
Drumstick Pen
Blue / Black $8.00
2 pens that are also fun drumsticks.
Cocktail Challenge
Drink mats with cocktail recipes & game.
Bar Games Beer Mats
Set of beer mats with games & puzzles.
Cat Bike Bell
Simple brass bell with cat-titude.
Skull Bike Bell
Simple brass bell with attitude.
Foosball Erasers
Play table football anywhere with a pencil.
Walking Erasers
Robot / Gorilla $12.00
Walking monsters made from rubber.
Carpenters Level
Pencil with a built in spirit level.
Heart Straws
Celebrate with the people you care about.
Skull Sugar-Spoon
Silver / Gold $8.00
Sugar is bad - enforce portion control.
Fridge Fonts
Fridge magnet letters with character.
Push Pins
Disguise / Mole / Nessie $12.00
Fun shaped pins for noticeboards.
Xmas Pud Bin Bags
Disguise your garbage this Xmas