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Plant Pot Bookends


A classic terracotta plant pot split in half
Create unique living bookends that hold your favourite novels between potted foliage - Just add plants. Brighten up your bookshelf with this clever two-part planter. The bookends appear to be one traditional plant-pot, cut in half. Two metal L-plates discreetly support the books and hold the planters in place, so they won’t fall over or spill any soil. When your plants get thirsty, simply slide the terracotta pot up from the metal base for mess-free watering.
The best gift for book-smart botanists.

A lush design by Andy at SUCK UK

Lift off for easy plant watering
Hidden metal “L” brackets support the books and the pots. Lift the pot off the bracket before watering. We recommend taking your plant to the kitchen sink to give it a drink. Again, the last thing we want is for your books to get wet.
Leak proof design keeps your books dry
There are no holes in the pots, and they have a waterproof glaze inside that prevents any water seeping through the terracotta. The last thing we want is for your books to get wet.