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Kitchen Apron Guide

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Kitchen tips and very helpful conversions.

  • Full length cotton chef apron.
  • Cook's tips & tricks printed upside-down.

Useful cooking guides, kitchen tricks and other handy stuff, printed onto an apron, upside-down so they can be read by the chef. Faster than frantically thumbing through cook books while your goulash explodes. Cleaner than coating your keyboard in bolognese while Google loads. We've moved the help to the place you're supposed to wipe your dirty hands!

An idea by John Caswell made by Suck UK

870 x 880 x 3mm | 0.2Kg

Kitchen cooking apron on model in kitchen
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Cooking aid at your fingertips!

Fed up of flipping through your cookbooks with greasy hands or coating your iPad with butter? Stay clean while reading all the cooking information you need. The Apron Cooking Guide is full of useful information, including numeric conversions, cooking times, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and more! The perfect gift for aspiring chefs.

Design by John Caswell

Apron Cooking Guide