Balloon Animals

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Cheat! Instructions on each balloon.

Make perfect Balloon Animals, first time and every time. By cheating! Just blow up the balloons, twist on the marks that are printed directly onto the balloons. Childs play.

Made by Suck UK

Become a balloon-animal modelling genius in a few minutes!
Don't bother learning the art though, we've all you need. Every twist and turn is printed directly onto the balloons. Just follow the numbers and twist along the dotted line. Take all the effort out of kids parties: musical chairs, making the jelly, deciding how many bits of cheese and sausages on sticks is too many. And then there's the bit where you hire an overweight man in big shoes to come and burst balloons in the faces of your children. Better then if you do the balloon animals yourself.

Includes mini pump and 11 balloons with printed instructions showing you where to twist.

Design by Richard Lawson