Cardboard scratching skateboard for cats
Skateboarding cat
Cardboard cat skateboard
Cardboard skateboard for cats
Cat scratching cardboard skateboard
Illustrated cat on cat skateboard
Skateboard for cats
Cat skateboard in packaging

Cat Scratch Skateboard

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Cool carboard cat scratcher.

  • Stop your cat scratching up your furniture.
  • Keeps cat's claws trimmed, well maintained, strong and healthy.
  • Won't teach your cat to do a 360 Varial Kickflip.
  • Made of corrugated card - Not a real working skateboard.
  • Supplied fully assembled and ready to ride - no folding required.

A cardboard skateboard for cats! YEAH! You love your cat, but you hate him tearing up the furniture, give tiddles something more radical to get his claws into. Satisfy your cat's natural desire to scratch stuff whilst satisfying your natural desire to laugh at a cat on a skateboard. Fill your instagram feed with pictures of skateboarding cats. Fill your TikTok feed with movies of skateboarding cats. And impress your friends with your skateboarding cat.

Made by Suck UK

190 x 585 x 83mm | 0.6Kg

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Cardboard skateboard for cats close up
Blue background
Illustrated cardboard skateboard

Only For The Coolest Cats

This scratchable skateboard will provide hours of entertainment for you and your rad cat. Made entirely from cardboard yet surprisingly strong, the corrugated scratching surface will help take care of your cats claws - and might just save the arm of the sofa.

Comes fully assembled with awesome artwork on the underside.

Designed by SUCK UK


Cat Scratcher
Cat on cardboard scratching skateboard
Dog and icecream man illustration
Keeps claws strong and healthy