Mother and Child Wooden Elephants
Pair of Wooden Elephant Staplers
Mother and Child Wooden Elephants
Mama and Baby Wooden Elephants
How to refill your Elephant Stapler
Mini Wooden Elephant Stapler
Mini Wooden Elephant Stapler
Large Wooden Elephant Stapler
Pair of wooden elephant staplers
Mama Elephant Stapler Packaging
Baby Elephant Stapler Packaging

Wooden Elephant Stapler

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Sculptural and useful desk accessory.

  • 2 Sizes, Mama & Baby (Sold separately).
  • Staplers that stand upright on your desk.
  • Made from sustainably grown Beech wood.
  • Mama: Standard Staples No.16 (24/6) & No.56 (26/6)
  • Baby: Mini Staples No.10 (10/4mm)

Beautiful wooden staplers in the form of elephants. Desk accessories for people who care what their environment looks like. And perhaps a reminder to care about the environment at large? Presented in simple kraft card boxes.

An idea by Ste Smith | WITH Creative made by Suck UK

Large 150 x 132 x 87mm | 0.6Kg
Small 87 x 70 x 53mm | 0.1Kg

Pair of Elephant Staplers
Mama and Baby Elephants

Care about your environment?

Get your desk looking good.
Boycot boring plastic staplers.

Wooden Elephant Stapler
Mama Elephant
baby Elephant