Playing Card Beer Mats
Pack of 54 beer mat playing cards
Glass of whiskey on playing mat coasters
Glass of whiskey on drink mat playing cards
Cardboard Beer Mats Printed With Playing Cards
Playing Card Drink Mats Scattered On Table
Beer Mat Drink Markers
Beer Mat Drink Markers

Playing Card Drink Mats

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54 different drink marker beer mats.

  • Full deck of playing cards made from beer mats.
  • Spot the hidden beverage in each picture card.
  • Absorbent, durable paper pulp, for soaking up spills.
  • Complete set of 52 full-size beer mats + 2 Jokers.
  • Use as drink markers.
  • Remember your card, don't lose your drink.
  • Plastic free product and packaging 100% Recycleable.

Never misplace your drink again. All you have to do is remember which card is yours. A full deck of playing cards, that are beer mats - made from old fashioned recycled paper pulp for that authentic pub feel. 3 genuinely useful functions and crafty graphic details. Perfect for your home bar. A great gift for the hard partying gambler in your life.

Designed and made by Suck UK

90 x 90 x 1mm | 5.3g

Playing Card Drink Mats
Playing Card Drink Mats

Remember Your Card

A set of 54 paper beer mats for marking drinks. Select your suit and there'll be no excuse for losing your drink - or sinking someone else's! Just like a real deck of cards every mat is unique, and the picture cards even include hidden beverages.

Designed by SUCK UK

Playing Card Drink Mats