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Sketch in full colour
Every colour can be created by combining the 4 colours;
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black.

The CMYK process is used in printing to build up full colour images.
Use CMYK Pen to create your own full colour art.

Change inks with the sliding selectors, coloured ink tubes in the
clear nib provide visual confirmation. Experiment, doodle, sketch,
get cross-hatching and get creative, but most importantly,
never leave home without it.

A design worth sketching by SUCK UK

4 Colour ballpoint pen
Ballpoint was not created as
an art material, but it feels great.

Anyone who has doodled and
sketched with a Biro knows that
the joy lies in the imperfection…

layers of cross hatching creates
light and shade. And now
for the first time… in full colour.

Get creative
Build up bright bold colours
with layers of ink.

Create texture and tone
with cross hatching.

Try outlining in colour.

Add weight to your artwork
with black shading.

Play with overlapping gradients
to create a rainbow of hues.

It really works!
A revolutionary way to draw anywhere in full colour with just
one pen. It takes only a few seconds to discover the power
of the CMYK process. Amaze yourself as rich red, blues and
greens appear before you very eyes. Build colours with layers of ink.

Create every colour by mixing
Cyan, Yellow, Magenta & Black
The basics:
Magenta + Cyan = Blue
Magenta + Yellow = Red
Yellow + Cyan = Green

Experiment with cross hatching or solid fills to create different
saturations and hues. Adjust the proportions and density of each
colour to mix oranges, browns, greys… practically every colour is possible.
Happy sketching.

(Did you know, the "K" in CMYK stands for "Key"?
Printers terminology for the key printing plate,
which normally carries the black ink)