Cordless Candle Lightbulb

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Flickering effect, rechargeable and kitsch.

  • USB Rechargeable internal battery.
  • Hold an illuminated bulb in your hands.
  • Switch between on / off / flicker mode.
  • Looks like fire / Runs cool to the touch.
  • Not witchcraft / Just modern technology.
  • Glass & Metal / Quality finish, look & feel.
  • 6 hour battery life on a 1.5 hour charge.
  • Metalic golden bronze coated glass.
  • A strange variant of the Suck UK Classic.
  • Power-cord free, rechargeable and portable.

A throwback to the days when your gran had fake electric candles in her fake chandelier. This seemingly magic bulb lights up without plugging it in! switch between classic & flickering effect. Our homage to the 1970's flame effect lightbulb is cordless, rechargeable and beautiful. Recreates the classic look of old-school candelabra lamps, but does not not need to be attached to a lamp or require plugging in. We have used tiny LEDs to recreate the look and feel of a traditional light-bulb with a twisted glass flame shaped bulb. Powered by an internal battery with a 6 hour life on a 1.5 hour charge.

A small note on safety - this light bulb cannot (even accidentally) be screwed into a mains light fitting, we have designed it specifically to be slightly too large to fit.

Designed and made by Suck UK

58 x 140 x 58mm | 61g