chimp with bowler hat and bow tie
chimp with shades
chimp naked
chimp with bucket hat
chimp with shades and cap
chimp with party hat and bow tie
chimp with flat cap and necklace
chimp with shades and headphones
chimp with glasses and necklace

Chimp Tidy

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Ceramic monkey home organiser.

  • Useful Headphone Stand.
  • Decorative Hat Holder.
  • Glasses, Keys, Spare Change...
  • Get organised you monkey!

Ceramic chimp head with secret storage compartment for your daily clutter (Keys, loose change, jewellery, general pocket detritus). Keep your headphones, sunglasses, scarf and hat neatly in place. If you are the type who wears a big chunky gold chain, now you have a good place to keep it safe while you're not wearing it. Slowly but surely your chimp will come to resemble you as she takes care of all your accoutrements.

An idea by Yee-Ling Lau made by Suck UK

200 x 280 x 215mm | 2.5Kg