Fish Tea Infuser

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A fish in the pot makes quick tasty tea.

Tea leaves are known to retain more natural flavours of the tea. Combined with enhanced water circulation the tea infuser gives results in a tastier, quality brew.

Made by Suck UK

A fish in the pot makes tastier tea 
Many enjoy the benefits of owning a pet fish. As a result of watching your fish swimming lazily round and round in their fishbowl homes, your stress and anxiety levels will be replaced with feelings of calm and serenity. Wait!... maintaining tank cleanliness, controlling water temperature and oxygen balance? Perhaps it's actually less stressful to just sit back and have a cup of tea, and enjoy the same benefits from a fish-shaped infuser. Use loose tea leaves to retain more of the natural flavours in your tea, coupled with enhanced water circulation, using a tea infuser results in a much tastier brew. 

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