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Glow Graffiti


Glow graffiti Light Spray

Glow graffiti Light Spray
Paint With Light
It's the dead of night ... everyone is tucked up in
bed ... the owls are a-hooting.  Time to break
out the Glow Graffiti!  Powered with LED light,
you can write, stencil and draw pictures to
create your very own glowing light show.  It's a
little like vandalism, only much prettier.  (And the
police won't nick you for doing it).  Perfect for
parties - and if you're nocturnal - it will keep
your friends intrigued for hours. How does it
work?  That's top secret information ... if we told
you, we'd have to kill you ... obviously.

If you want to build your own large-scale graffiti wall
for use with the Light-Spray Cans you can buy
additional materials such as glow in the dark paint
and self adhesive vinyl
/3M luminous film