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Hot Stuff Hot Packs


At this time of year we all start noticing the weather turning chilly, as the dark mornings set in, you can see your breath steam into the cold air, and keeping your extremities warm often proves rather tricky. These Hot Stuff hand warmers are the ideal solution - put some Hot Stuff in your pockets or gloves, for instant heat anytime, anywhere. The handy double pack means you can heat both hands at the same time. Simply click the discs inside and you will have instant heat for up to 30 minutes. After use just heat each hot pack in boiling water until the crystals are fully dissolved, turning the liquid inside clear, and once cool it is ready to use again. Perfect for keeping you toasty when you next walk the dog, watch the fireworks, or wait for the bus. These cute, portable hand warmers are invaluable as winter approaches and make a fun and functional gift or Christmas stocking filler for any friend or loved one.