I'm As Big As - Height Chart
I'm As Big As - Height Chart
I'm As Big As - Height Chart
I'm As Big As - Height Chart packaging

I'm As Big As

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Height Chart for Kids (Luckies)

  • A wonderful way to track the growth of children.
  • Step up and find out what you are as big as.
  • A talking point in any family home.
  • Not just for little ones, goes from zero to 6'3
  • 2 metre tall wall poster.

A 2 metre high, wall mounted measuring chart that allows children to measure their height against an amazing scale of mythical creatures, birds, beasts, animals and iconic objects. Measure yourself against a baby giraffe, Napoleon, a letterbox, Elvis, Tutankhamon. Discover and learn about all sorts of objects and creatures. A great gift for growing kids.

From a 1cm drawing pin up to a 190cm giant this fascinating and informative measuring device is sure to raise a smile as friends, family and pets discover that they are bigger than a baguette, smaller than the Statue of Liberty’s nose or make the height requirement to become a NASA astronaut.

An idea by Angus McArthur made by Suck UK

165 x 350 x 3mm | 0.1Kg