Kid's Colour Change Umbrella

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Changes to bright colours when wet.

  • Umbrella printed with colour changing ink
  • White rain drop design turns multi-coloured when wet
  • High-quality push-button mechanism and easy-hold handle
  • Lightweight, portable, super-tough and durable

Brighten Up Bad Weather. Simple white raindrop pattern transforms into a rainbow burst of colour when the umbrella gets wet. Printed with special ink, that comes to life when in contact with water. Confuse a generation of children into thinking rainbows are leaking colour from the sky.

Made by Suck UK

Kids red colour changing umbrella Kid's colour changing umbrella logo
Blue background
Changes to bright colours when wet!

Our colour changing umbrella comes printed with special ink - white when dry, and multicoloured when wet. This slightly-smaller than average umbrella is the perfect size for kids and opens with the push of a button!

Design by Squid London
Red colour changing umbrella for kids