Mega Silly Notes

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Large blocks of fun shaped sticky notes.

You may not be allowed to bring toys to work but your boss can’t complain about Silly shaped Sticky Notes: Just try not to make sound effects as Godzilla battles the Pink Elephants in front of the Statue of Liberty.

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Mega Silly Notes

It's not saturated, it's diverse!
The seemingly endless demand for sticky notes has pushed us to the forefront of the market in creative stationary – we've had to go further to find new shapes to make paper into to help you remember things. Hopefully it's not very often you see a dinosaur with 'Ring Mum' scrawled across it, or glanced at a rocket ship while reading a vital part of Hamlet – things like that would stick in your brain right?

With this in mind we give you our Mega Silly Notes – a collection of sticky notes shaped like the most unrelated items we could think of, sold randomly you can buy as many as you like and fill your desk up with memorable places to scribble.

Choose from the set in store or receive a random selection online. Shapes include: elephant, Statue of Liberty, spaceship, dinosaur, tree, and train.

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