Piece of cake memo block
Slice of cake memo pad in hand
Cake slice memo pad
Piece of cake memo block on blue desk

Cake Memo Block

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Delicious looking pad of memo paper.

  • 550 sheets of coloured paper for your note taking pleasure.
  • Tear off pad - Glued along the curved edge.
  • Looks like a piece of cake - tastes like paper.

For cake lovers, without the calories. Jot down that crucial thought before it slips your mind - a useful memo block within easy reach will improve your productivity. And a memo block that looks like cake will certainly improve your street cred. Serve with coffee.

Made by Suck UK

Piece of cake memo block on blue desk
Blue background
Piece of cake memo block in hand

Tasty-looking note-taking

Designed for organised cake-loving types, this tantalising memo block has 550 tear off sheets and looks pretty cool on your desk, too. From phone numbers and names to important dates and reminders – keeping note of this stuff is a piece of cake.

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