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Message Tape

MESSAGE TAPE IS... a tool... it's useful... it solves aproblem... it's decorative... you only ever use as much of it as you really need... it's customisable... it can bind things of a completely different nature together... it works for heavy-duty tasks... and for art installations... it makes whatever you have to say look more official... it works in multiple languages... it's culturally independent...

Label boxes with Message Tape when you move house. Impress your date by naming entire streets after them. Put up signs when you can't get to a printer. Teach kids how to spell in a convenient, creative way. And so much more...

Message Tape is an affordable everyday product offering a DIY creative experience Black out the unwanted parts to create your own messages and pictures. 

seal, label and decorate the outside of presents, label boxes when moving house, label packaging, make temporary signs, create art installations, label drawers and doors, rename entire streets, create interactive message walls, and more...

Large rolls 50mm X 50m | Small rolls 18mm X 33m
Clam packaged, Free marker pen, Solvent free adhesive.

Design by rAndom International.

Message Tape
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