Number Mugs

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Set of 6 graphically numbered mugs.

Colourful mug set with number design We understand, we’ve worked in offices – they’re dull and anonymous and once you’ve been banned from choosing your own desktop wallpaper (after Jamie from accounts set every machine to display Ashley from HR’s bottom the night after the Christmas party) there’s not much room for personal space… What you need for your workplace is a way you can feel like an individual within a team, and if right now the only thing you can cling to for this is your coffee cup then relax, that’s exactly what we were thinking too. Our Numbers mug set includes every colour of the rainbow, and a different number on each, hand them round and let people find their favourite blue or their lucky number, and help them claw back that little bit of individuality. Individuality within pre-designated boundaries admittedly. But this is an office, not the last days of Rome. Pack of 6 mugs, each mug has a different colour and number!

Made by Suck UK