Pet Treats Container

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Create your own storage characters.

  • A customisable pet treat container (Good for cats & dogs).
  • Includes a cute set of interchangeable stickers.
  • Air tight to ensure the contents stay fresh.
  • Made from biodegradable, eco-friendly, natural bamboo fibres.
  • Bamboo fibre. Durable, non-toxic, waterproof & heat resistant.

Keep pet treats fresh in this adorable, customisable container. Both fun and functional, the Treat Bowl has an air tight lid to ensure the contents stay fresh and comes with a cute set of stickers for creating your own animal characters. Better yet, the stickers can be easily removed once stuck so you can switch expressions as many times as you like! Made from hard wearing bamboo fibre – a more eco-friendly material than many alternatives. The perfect gift for creative animal lovers.

An idea by Yee-Ling Lau made by Suck UK