Cork Noticeboard

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An ornate picture frame moulded out of cork. An attractive place to pin important notes, train tickets, kids drawings and other ephemera, helping you stay organised and up-to-date. Or simply frame a single photograph. A great gift for the home.

Made by Suck UK


Pinboard is a cork noticeboard, moulded into the shape of an ornate picture frame. Use it to frame a single photograph and then slowly expand your display by pinning other important information around it, it’s so nice it almost makes you want to make sure you only cover up as much as is necessary, helping you stay organised and up-to-date.

Noticeboards. We’ve all got them, mottled brown rectangles dangling from our walls. Considering their only purpose is to be seen, to be a constant reminder that at any second we might need that 4 year old train ticket, they’re not very nice to look at are they? Dragging them then out of the past and forcing them into the future by poking them in the back encouragingly with a drawing pin, we’ve improved them no end.


Design by SUCK UK