Salt & Pepper 'Bots

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Walking, clockwork robot condiments.

  • Plastic salt and pepper shakers in the style of wind up robots
  • Wind them up with the attached key and watch them waddle
  • Measures 70mm(W) x 95mm(H) x 30mm(D)

Wind them up and watch them go! Scuttling along with only one aim in mind, to deliver their precious cargo of salt and pepper to the other side of the table. Domesticated robot helpers, the future has arrived. No more reaching across your plate for the seasoning - Now that's good table manners.

Made by Suck UK

70 x 95 x 30mm | 30g


Well, it was inevitable. Passing the salt by hand just isn't efficient enough in a world of bullet trains, pizza delivery and broadband. Luckily, the condiments have now come to life! Salt & Pepper 'Bots will waddle wherever you tell them to. Wind them up and - like mini Terminators - they'll march across the table to wage war on bland food.

Design by Mark Owens