Sitting Duck Pegs

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Fairground duck shoot, useful clips.

With all kinds of uses - from pinning up a photograph of your loved ones at work, to hanging your wet underpants on the line – SUCK UK’s Sitting Duck pegs add a bit of humour to even the most anonymous tasks. Shaped like the carnival shooting game targets found on fairgrounds across the world, they display a duck as a target when upright, and playfully change to a ‘hit’ design when hanging upside down. Sold individually.

Made by Suck UK

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Useful clips, with fairground shooting gallery ducks.

Perfect for hanging socks on your washing line, but with multiple uses: from pinning up a photo of your loved ones at work - to keeping the opened bag of coffee sealed and fresh. Shaped like shooting game target ducks, they display a bull's-eye when upright, and playfully change to a cross-eyed 'hit', dead duck when hanging upside down.

Design by Alessandro Martorelli