Yellow solar sun light jar
Solar Powered Garden Light in a mason jar
Sun Jar Yellow With Pots
Sun Jar Packaging Design by SUCK UK

Sun Jar

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Solar powered garden light in a mason jar.

  • Solar powered lamp in a frosted mason jar.
  • Comes on automatically as it gets dark.
  • Glows for over 5 hours when charged.
  • Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
  • Clip top storage jar solar powered light.
  • Charges in the day - Lights up at night.
  • Glass kilner jar with waterproof rubber seal.
  • Solar panel and controls under the lid.

Switches on automatically when it gets dark. Glass jar with hidden solar panel stores sunlight during the day and illuminates at night. The Sun Jar collects and stores sunlight during the day, and makes a beautiful night light in the evening. For use indoors or in the garden. Really simple - just a solar panel, battery and LED light all housed in a traditional mason Jar.

An idea by Tobias Wong made by Suck UK

110 x 157 x 110mm | 0.9Kg

The original and the best Suck UK Sun Jar
Sun Jar Lights up at Night
Sun Jar Charges during the day by Solar
Solar powered light inside a frosted mason jar
Capture some sunshine for the night-time!
Switches on automatically when it gets dark.
A beautifully simple night light.

Designed by the great Tobias Wong for SUCK UK
Solar Powwered Night Light in a Jar - Water Proof - Great for the Garden
Glass Mason Jar
Use outside or indoors
A perfect garden light or night light for a bedroom. Mason Jars are traditional, beautiful and watertight by their very nature, so the Sun Jar can with stand even the wettest of summers. Frosted glass diffuses the light, giving the ambient appearance of sunlight.
Automatic Charging and Illuminating Solar POwered Night Light
Automatic night light
You may have noticed that there is no switch on the Sun Jar - in fact there are no visible controls at all. A light sensor switches on and off automatically when it gets dark or light. Sun Jars MUST be in the dark to light up.
Make the most of the Sun Jar
The battery needs sun to fully charge, and your Sun Jar may need charging before its first use. Leave outside or in a sunny window in DIRECT SUNLIGHT for several hours. In overcast conditions we recommend charging for a few days.

Manual Switch Off
If you do not want your Sun Jar to light up when it gets dark, lift the metal lever to release the lid and set the switch to "Charge" mode. This conserves battery life whilst continuing to charge it. (The Sun Jar also charges in "Auto" mode)

Bad weather is bad news for Sun Jars! In winter, or cloudy weather, your Sun Jar may illuminate for less time than usual, or may not light up at all. When there is not enough sunlight, you can remove the battery and charge it in a normal battery charger.

The Battery
Rechargeable batteries have a long, but not indefinite, life. After many charges, they may lose the ability to store energy. Open the Sun Jar, lift out the solar panel, replace with a standard AA rechargeable battery (never use a non-rechargeable battery).

After a long time outside, condensation may build up inside, this will not damage the Sun Jar. To remove any moisture build-up, open the lid and ease out the inner workings,
empty out the water and replace the inner.

PDF Instruction Manual
(English, Deutsch, Francaise, Italiano, Espanol, Turkce, Cesky)

Store sunshine
for the night time

Inside the jar there is an efficient solar cell, a rechargeable battery and LED lamp. At night the LED lamp glows for 5 hours on a full charge.

Solar Powered
A solar panel charges the battery during the day. Sun Jars work best in direct sunshine, outside or in a sunny window.


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