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UFO Cookie Jar

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UFO Storage Jar (Cork and Glass)
Glass UFO Cookie Jar
UFO Storage Jardesigned by SuckUK
UFO Storage jar Designed and made by SuckUK
UFO Storage Jar Filled with Toy Animals
UFO Cerial Storage Jar - Froot Loops
UFO SUgar Jar
Storage jar For Dog Biscuits
Cork UFO
Out Of This World
A glass storage jar with a solid cork UFO lid. The green-tinted glass shaped like a light-beam will make the contents appear to have been abducted by an alien life form. Perfect for cookies, sugar cubes, cereal, pasta, tea, coffee and any other small items that need a home. This is one versatile storage solution that you won't want to hide in the cupboard.

Design by Nick Forrester for SUCK UK