Concrete Clock
Grey / Pink $40.00
A concrete clock with a painted face and gold hands.
Copper Plant House
A concrete and copper pot to house your cacti and succulents
Globe Journal New
Large $120.00 / Small $65.00
Colour in your continents and connect up your countries.
Volcano Dip Bowl New
Keep your snacks and sauces over flowing.
Solar System Hooks New
Keep your space tidy.
Rocket Moon Clock New
Watch time fly.
Colour Cork Globe New
Large $160.00 / Small $80.00
Pinpoint Your Travels (now in colour).
Neon Bird in a Cage New
A bird shaped neon light in a metal cage.
Book Rest Lamp
House shaped bedside reading light.
Jetpack Backpack
Take off for school.
Chemistry Terrarium Kit
Custom lab-flask to home a mini indoor garden.
Stag Kitchen Tidy
Turn wooden spoons and spatulas into antlers.
Dinosaur Bottle Opener Best Seller
For roarsome refreshment
Skeleton Jewellery Tidy
Keep things in the palm of your hand.
Cross Stitch Map Best Seller
Sew your way around the world.
Mr Salt & Mrs Pepper
Smartly dressed wooden grinders.
BBQ Toolbox Best Seller
Get the right tool for the job.
Bell Jar Lamp
Illuminate your favourite objects in a glass case.
Rocket Salt & Pepper Mill
Dark $100.00
Large retro spaceship kitchen grinders.
Our Life Story
Black / Grey $60.00
Joint diary for your adventures together.
Bear Skin Picnic Blanket
Extravagant bear shaped picnic rug.
Cork Globe Best Seller
Large $160.00 / Small $80.00
Pinpoint your travels right on the globe.
Alphabet Erasers
Box of 350 $350.00
Brightly coloured letter shaped erasers.
Robot Nut Cracker
Red / Natural $30.00
Retro Wooden Robots Crack Tough Nuts
Skull Tidy
White / Black $80.00
Organise your essentials in your head.
Bunny Light
Porcelain white rabbit with a light-up tail.
Guard Dog Money Box
Protect your savings better than any piggy.
Home Guard
Door Stop $40.00
Doorstop & Bookend giant toy soldiers.
Sylvester Bird Box
Wooden bird house with sleepy cat face.
Colour Change Umbrella Best Seller
Black $35.00 / Red Kid's $20.00
Changes to bright colours when wet.
Sharpener Desk Tidy Best Seller
Light $30.00 / Double $50.00 / Dark $30.00
Supersize pencil sharpener pen-pot.
Teddy Bear Lamp
A cute teddy with a lamp for a head.
Skate Mirror
Glass skateboard to hang on your wall.
My Life Story
Black / Natural $60.00
A diary for a whole lifetime of memories.
Aqua Blue / Chrome / Gold $80.00
Alarm Clock that runs away to get you up.
Come In & Go Away "Ambigram"
Sun Jar Best Seller
Yellow / Blue / Pink $40.00
Solar powered garden light in a mason jar.
Slide Light
6' (36 Slides) $300.00
Display your old photos in a wall light.
Glow Brick
Green $40.00
Glow in the dark light-bulb night light.
Coffee Table
Standard $3700.00
Furniture that lights up the room.
Star Spangled Spatula Stainless Steel
A professional all-American chefs spatula.
Bank in the form of a Pig
Gold $252.00
Large realistic looking gold piggy bank.