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Brand new! Our most recent creations for 2019
23 Products
Wireless Cassette Speaker
Portable pocket-sized speaker
Pencil People
Pencils with faces and eraser hats.
Transparent Measuring Stickers
Restickable rulers, set squares and protractors.
Sushi Tape
Decorative paper washi tape.
Doughnut Tape
Decorative paper washi tape.
Rocket Lunch Box
Fuel up and take off with your lunch.
TV Lunch Box
Kitchen Capers (Orange) / Moon Landing (White) / Beach Holiday (Blue) $20.00
With super lenticular animation technology!
Icon Speaker
Yellow / Blue / Red $50.00
Robust portable speaker with archetypal design.
Skull Brush
Finest quality beech wood brush.
Cork Weekday Planner
The everyday, all you need, weekly planner
Food Truck Lunch Box
Give your food a cool ride.
UFO Cookie Jar
Alien cork and glass storage solution.
Mugshot Height Chart
Keep a photographic record of your little reprobates.
Send a Sound Message
Re-recordable greeting card.
Goldfish Pet Bowl
Play a practical joke on your cat.
Rockstar Backpack
Get to school like a rock-n-roll star.
Plant Pot Hideaway
Keep your stuff safe and organised.
Reflective Biker Gloves
Hi-Vis gloves for cyclists with reflective turn signals.
Toothbrush Timer
A toothbrush holder with a twist.
Pet Treats Container
Create your own storage characters.
Cake Topper Kit
Pop-out decorations for all occasions.
Skull Scissors
Dead sharp, finest quality scissors.
World Timeline Tape
History Unravelled.