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Some classic SuckUK products, no longer available to buy, but still great fun.
359 Products
Toy Bone Dog Bowl
Play a practical joke on your dog.
Flying Pig Corkscrew
Curly tailed bottle opener.
Kid's Colour Change Umbrella
Changes to bright colours when wet.
Recordable Message Gift Bag
For more memorable gift-giving.
Astronaut Food Flags
Markers for cheese and other foods.
Plant Pot Bookends
A classic terracotta plant pot split in half.
Pillow Egg Cup
Deceptively comfy looking porcelain pillow.
Stick Man Bottle Opener
Your helpful new best friend.
Mr Salt & Mrs Pepper
Smartly dressed wooden grinders.
No Pressure Coffee Dripper
Espresso is over, drip coffee rules.
Rocket Lemon Juicer
Give your food a blast of citrus.
Cork Tape Dispenser
Tape Dispenser made entirely from cork.
Tea Towel Targets
A collection of animal tea towels for targeting those dirty dishes!
Add savings to your piggy bank.
Skull Soy Dish
Dangerously cool sauce serving dish.
City Erasers
Mini architecture in rubber.
Super Market Hero
Tough and reusable shopping bag.
Butterfly Umbrella
Transform rainy days into something beautiful.
Kaboom Timer
Explosive kitchen timer
Party Animals
Bottle pourers for drinks or oil & vinegar.
Big Mouth Bookmark
Tongue shaped bookmark really sticks out.
Edible Disguises
Stick on food to create funny characters.
Skyline Gift Wrap
Your presents will look like a mini city.
Split-ring Bottle Opener
Keyring that doubles as a bottle opener.
Ice Lolly Nail File
File with sleeve in the style of a popsicle.
Ice Lolly Maker
Ice cream truck shaped Ice-lolly moulds.
Transport Notes
Rocket & Train sticky notes and markers.
Short Kitchen Apron Guide
A cut-off apron with tips and conversions.
Christmas Stockings
Send gifts in stocking shaped mail bags.
Greedy Pig
Turn empty containers into piggy banks.
Planet Socks
Roll your socks into our favourite planet.
Skull Socks
Ball your socks up to look like a skull.
Foosball Erasers
Play table football anywhere with a pencil.
Silver Love Hearts
Silver replica of the classic retro sweet.
Ball Socks
Roll your socks into footballs, baseballs...
Rockstar Nail File
File your nails on tiny guitars. Rock n Roll.
Tea with the Queen
The Queen's head cookie cutters.
Animal Sticky Notes
Cute critter sticky notes & page markers.
SMS Sticky Notes
Text message conversations on paper.
Love Hearts Party Scatter
Love is in the air, paper party decorations.
Cable Buddies
Prevent cables slipping off your desk.
Frozen Peas
Giant pea-pod makes giant ice cube balls.
Text Speak Erasers
Colourful erasers & colourful language.
Pac-Man Ghost Lamp
Give your room a nostalgic glow
3D Crocodile Ice
Make monster sized croc ice cubes.
3D Zombie Ice
Make monster zombie hand ice cubes.
Touch Point Stylus
Turn anything into a stylus.
3D Shark Ice
Make monster size shark ice cubes.
A-Z Sticky Letters
Brightly Coloured A - Z sticky letters.
Display Units
The best way to display SuckUK in your store.
Leaf Hooks
Hammer some life into your walls.
Sketch Stylus
One end is a stylus, the other is a pencil.
Chums Desk Tidy
Keep desk clutter in his monster mouth.
Gadget Gift Set
Joseph Joseph's colourful kitchen gadgets
Rainbow Jelly Mould
An array of colourful rainbow flavours.
Playing Card Notebook
A deck of cards bound into a notebook.
3D Safari Cookie Cutters
Bake and assemble 3D Safari Animals.
Fish Tea Infuser
A fish in the pot makes quick tasty tea.
World Travel Postcard
A postcard to personalise for every trip.
Fruit Peeler
Peel citrus fruit quickly, easily & perfectly.
Bunny Light
Porcelain white rabbit with a light-up tail.
Pet Bow Tie
Reversible bow ties for cats and dogs.
Balloon Warrior
Cheat! Instructions on every balloon.
52 Weeks to Christmas
Countdown to Xmas perpetual calendar.
Googly Eyes
Fridge magnets make your photos funny.
Height Chart
Stick it to your fridge and measure your kids.
Cat Play House
Irresistible cardboard toy houses for cats.
Pacifier Bottle Opener
A childish way to open beer.
Bakeball Bat
Rolling pin for baseball fans.
Grime Writer
Clean away grime to leave your message.
Chums Desk Tidy
Pencil-Pot… Desk-Tidy... Vinyl Toy
Heart Straws
Heart Shaped Drinking Straws.
Spooky Bat Pegs
Sleeping vampire bats, useful clips.
Sitting Duck Pegs
Fairground duck shoot, useful clips.
Icon Ties
Organise and identify your cables & stuff.
Royal Hooks
His & Hers chess piece wall hooks.
Edible Eyes
Stick on to create snacks with character.
Bird Hooks
Hang small household items on the wall.
Tattoo Notebook
Set free your inner tattoo artist.
Clockwork Sharpener
Wind-up key shaped pencil sharpener.
Guard Dog Money Box
Protect Your Savings
Number Mugs
Set of 6 graphically numbered mugs.
Badge Bomb
Beautifully illustrated badges hand made in the USA.
Candle Poise
The fully adjustable candle holder.
A Home for your keys
Don't lose your house keys again.
Mega Silly Notes
Large blocks of fun shaped sticky notes.
Cuff Links
Block's smart shirt accessories
Silly Notes
Tiny blocks of fun shaped page markers.
House Memo Pad
Large memo block in the form of a house.
Cork Noticeboard
Home Guard
Doorstop & Bookend giant toy soldiers.
Magnotag Tea Towel
Tea towels & oven mitts stick to the fridge.
Paper Teddy
Decorate and send through the post.
Cloud Pencil Tidy
Look it's a rainbow, and a giant eraser.
Cloud Key Holder
Keep your keys in the cloud.
Quack Tape Dispenser
Hear the quack when you unwind the tape.
Boat Nail Brush
Floats in the bath like a boat.
Peel n Stick Postcard
DIY Sticky Postcards and Greetings Cards.
Switch Notes
Leave reminders on your light switches.
Love Heart Stamp
Ink stamps with heartfelt messages.
Space Invaders
Be seen at night with reflective video game characters
Block Notes
Play puzzle games with sticky notes when you should be working
Cardboard Radio
Card iPod speaker with great sound.
Touch Wood
Portable, self-adhesive protection against the jinx
Staple and print a smiley at the same time.
Leaf Tie
Organise loose wires and cables.
Reflective Biker Socks
Hi-Vis socks for cyclists.
Chopstick Drumsticks
Make music, drum with your chopsticks.
Pac Man Cookie Cutters
1980s arcade influenced home baking.
Sticky Tape Dispenser
NOT a builders tape measure.
Have you saved enough to feed an elephant?
Heart Hole Punch
Punch heart shaped holes in your paper.
Floppy Disk Sticky Note
Stick on your desk and pretend it's 1984
Make your own ransom note postcards.
Balloon Animals
Cheat! Instructions on each balloon.
Urn Ashtray
A reminder of your mortality.
Water Wars
2Water Pistols & vests that change colour when shot
Ice Ice Baby
Ice cubes by Davide Bowie & Vanilla Ice.
Mummy Mike
Back from the dead - rubber band holder.
Flower Grenade
Bombs smash open to spread the seeds.
Sylvester Bird Box
Wooden bird house with sleepy cat face.
Digit Cake Moulds
Microwaveable silicone cake moulds.
Flip Book Sticky Notes
100 frames of animation on a note pad.
Eye Clock
Googly eyes look at the hour and minute.
Grenade Decoration
Dead thoughtful Christmas decorations.
Character Bag
Reusable, posable, foldable carrier bag
Stuff Box
Stash your important stuff in a shoe box
Clipboard Mirror
Mirrored glass and Stainless steel.
Bungee Bird Feeder
Bungee jumper made from bird seed.
Alt Mug
Altered mugs
Wishy Washy Soap
Rub the lamp and get what you wish for.
Stop Doorstop
Comic book font holds slamming doors.
Book Rest Lamp
House shaped bedside reading light.
Mouse Doorstop
Made from recycled scraps of wood.
Xmas Pud Bin Bags
Disguise your garbage this Xmas
Pop Art Mugs
Officially licensed lyrics on mugs.
Wiper Mirror
Bathroom mirror with windscreen wiper.
Postcard Aeroplane
Mail a personalised retro plywood plane.
Glow Graffiti
Glow in the dark spray-paint, without the paint.
A-Z CD Dividers
Organise your CDs like a pro.
Solar Clock
Powered by light.
Picture Book
A frame for your paperback books.
Reflective Biker Stickers
Skull and bike logos for safer cycling.
Chalk Chess
Complete chess set made from chalk.
Noodle Cup
Make your instant noodles posher.
Wooden Bulb
Oversize light bulb made in ply-wood.
Happy Birthday Cake
Silicone cake mould spells out your message.
Porcupine toothpick holder with toothpicks.
Calendar Tape
2 rolls of tape one for the month one for the day.
Too Juicy
2 handed fruit squeezer.
Teddy Bear Lamp
Slightly weird bedside lamp
Terrorist Tea Pot
Teapot with a balaclava tea cosy.
Skate Mirror
Cool looking glass and steel wall mirror
Alphabet Ice
A-Z Ice cube trays make 26 letters.
Charity Money Box
Save for charity in retro money boxes.
Who Tall Are You Mirror
Gauge your height against a list of celebrities
Fire Bucket Ashtray
Mini fire bucket with sand.
Message Tape
Write messages by blanking out the dots.
Carve Your Own Card
Carve your personal message into wood.
Touch Screen Stylus (Pencil)
More accurate than using your fingers.
Shot In The Dark Glasses
Shot Glasses that glow in the dark.
Doctor Bag
Medical style cool and hot bags!
Numbers LED Clock
Individual LED Numbers linked together.
Emergency Money Box
Break glass to get at emergency cash.
Card Mini Boom Box
Mini stereo speakers for your iPod - easy fold it yourself card!
Cardboard Mini Arcade
Mini arcade machine for PSP - fold it yourself out of card
Fire Bucket Barbecue
What's more portable than a bucket?
Smoking Mittens
When you have to go outside for a smoke.
Hymn Book
Leather case to protect and worship your MP3 player
Come In & Go Away
Shot Gun Flask
Shot gun shack ... Shot gun wedding ...
Little Lamp
Battery powered miniature table lamp
Door Hanger
Do Not Disturb ... with a twist
Genie in a Bottle
Bottle stopper
Birthday Candle
Beautifully packaged single birthday candle
Hanging Harry
A really gruesome bathroom light pull.
Fabric Clock
Match to your interior by changing the face
Razorblade Mirror
A classic graphic for your wall
Graffiti Train
Blank canvas train with graffiti art transfers
Villain Chair
Oversize swivelling leather lounger chair.
Five x Five Mirror
25 mini mirror panels set at different angles
Tube Map Wallet
Wallet with concealed London Underground map
Fruit Balls
Ceramic fruit bowls that look like footballs and basketballs
Egg Cup-Timer
Egg timer or egg cup or both?
Electric light and candlelight in one lamp
Dart Coat Hooks
Strong metal darts screw into the wall.
Car Flags
Magnetic England Flags for your Car
Tube Map Mirror
The classic map graphic in gold mirror
Love Hearts
Silver replica of the classic retro sweet.
Raunchy Wrap Paper
Nice outside, raunchy on the inside.
Time Flies Clocks
Set of 3 wall clocks for 3 cities
TimeZone Clock
Wall Clock with world time calculations
Cork Screw
Pocket folding wine bottle opener
Wine Cradle
For one bottle and two glasses
Twinkle Light
Illuminating wall panel with fairy lights
SUCK T Shirt
SUCK UK T-Shirts will make you look Cool!
Supercars T-Shirt
Supercars Trump T-Shirts
Spot Light
Floor Standing Stainless Steel Light
Slide Light
Display your old photos in a wall light.
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Bakelite and Stainless Steel
Profile Mirror
Colour changing damask pattern
Glass Place Mats
Stacking Place Mats
No Smoking Ashtray
Made from a metal
Neon Mirror
Personalised neon designs behind mirror
Selector Mug
Twist for your favourite flavours
Manhole Bath Mat
Man Hole Cover Bathroom Mat
Low Voltage Light
Danger! Live Electricity Wall Light
LED Special Edition
Scrolling red numbers and messages
LED Mirror
LED scrolling message board behind mirror
LED Clock
Desk clock with scrolling numbers
Kick Stool
Low level seating with magazine rack
3Guns Vase
Ceramic flower vase Inspired by peace.
Ceramic Gun Vase
Wall vase inspired by peace.
Glow Brick
Glow in the dark light-bulb night light.
Save Money Box
Computer key storage for your cash
Drink Mats
Cocktail Challenge
CD Shelf
Illuminating storage shelf for CDs
Pocket Map
London Underground credit card map
Bulb Light
Stainless Steel Wall Light.
Notebook & Pencil
Notebook with cut-out to hold your pencil.
Collapsible Lunch Box
Carry-everywhere lunchboxes
KUKU Rainbow Earrings
S2 Simply beautiful jewellery.
KUKU Shell Necklace
S2 Simply beautiful jewellery.
KUKU Eye Coin Necklace
S2 Simply beautiful jewellery.
KUKU Rainbow Necklace
S2 Simply beautiful jewellery.
KUKU Moon & Star Necklace
S2 Simply beautiful jewellery.
KUKU Lucky Horseshoe Necklace
S2 Simply beautiful jewellery.
KUKU Flower Necklace
S2 Simply beautiful jewellery.
KUKU Bee Necklace
S2 Simply beautiful jewellery.
Distortion Brass Candle Stick
Large and wonkey brass candlestick.
Contour Key Rings
Wear the ring around your wrist or clip it to your belt.
Diamond Box Black
Compact storage boxes made from wood.
Alphabet Set
26 beautiful A-Z stackable wooden blocks.
Diamond Box Natural
Compact storage boxes made from wood.
Prism Corkscrew
Wooden corkscrew with protective cover.
Nail Bottle Opener Colour
A bent nail, a piece of wood and a magnet.
Cubebot Small Colours
Colourful 2.5" folding cube robot puzzles.
Simple jigsaw cartoon brainteaser toy.
Little Big Trivet
Adjustable wooden table-top protector.
Bank in the form of a Pig
Large brightly coloured piggy banks.
Distortion Candlestick
Traditional candlestick with wonky twist.
Lock Keychain
Old style padlock cast in silicone rubber.
Nesting hand-painted architectural blocks.
Areaware Concrete Tapes Dispenser
An industrial and weighty tape dispenser.
Croc Pile
Set of five stackable wooden crocodiles.
Horseshoe Magnet
A powerful wooden magnet to hold stuff.
Crank Grinder
All in one wooden salt & pepper grinder.
Bird Mill
Sculptural wooden salt & pepper grinder.
Key Target
Throw your keys at the magnetic target.
Plywood Playing Cards
Big deck with slots for building structures.
Turtle Box
Gold & silver turtles with hidden storage.
Animal Boxes
Simple wood animals with hidden storage.
Star Spangled Spatula Stainless Steel
A professional all-American chefs spatula.
Simus the Rhino
Wooden toy rhino with elastic limbs.
Hanno the Gorilla
Wooden toy gorillas with elastic limbs.
Hattie the Elephant
Large wooden elephant with elastic limbs.
Ursa the Bear
Wooden toy bears with elastic limbs.
Star Spangled Spatula
Colourful all-American kitchen spatula.
Tree Tops
Set of simple wooden toy spinning tops.
Balancing Blocks
Therapeutic stacking toy for grown-ups.
Wooden Torch
Simple flashlight made with eco materials.
Alarm Dock for iPhone
Bedside clock holder for your iPhone5.
Minim Playing Cards
White & simple deck of regulation cards.
Bank in the form of a Pig
Large realistic looking gold piggy bank.
Sphere Bottle Opener
A big easy to grab and grip bottle opener.
Nail Bottle Opener
A bent nail, a piece of wood and a magnet.
Infinite Tree
Adaptable wooden tree home decoration.
Cubebot Small - Guthrie & Julien
Difficult robot puzzles fold into 2.5" cubes.
Cubebot Micro
Wooden robot puzzles fold into 1.5" cubes
Cubebot Small
Wooden robot puzzles fold into 2.5" cubes
Cubebot Medium
Wooden robot puzzles fold into 3.5" cubes
Cubebot XL
Massive wooden robots fold into 8" cubes
Smartphone Magnifier
Luckies' hands free way to watch movies and videos off your phone
David & Goliath Mug
Thought provoking cartoons on mugs.
Sprocket Rocket
Lomography's Sprocket Rocket
Konstruktor Camera
Lomography's Konstruktor Camera
Fish Eye Camera
Lomography's Fish Eye Camera
Just Your Type
Luckie's Just Your Type
Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy
Luckie's Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy
Sandwich Box
Black and Blum's Sandwich Box
David & Goliath Mugs
Funny puns and characters on mugs.
Draw Lamp
Doiy's Draw Lamp
Landscape Dinner Set
Doiy's Landscape Dinner Set
Knuckle Duster Mug
Thabto's Knuckle Duster Mug
Mood Mugs
Thabto's Mood Mugs
Hot-Pot BBQ
Black and Blum's Hot Pot BBQ
Abbey Road
Wild and Wolf's Abbey Road Laptop Sleve
Abbey Road
Wild and Wolf's Abbey Road Coasters
Abbey Road
Wild and Wolf's Abbey Road Notebook
Abbey Road
Wild and Wolf's Abbey Road Pencil Set
Abbey Road
Wild and Wolf's Abbey Road Tablet Case
Eau Good
Black and Blum's Filter Water Bottle
Black and Blum's Polar Bear Ice Tray
Rainbow Highlighters
Luckies' rainbow shaped highlighters
Wire Fruit Bowl
Block's fruit bowl
Orbit Clock
Block's contemporary wall clock
Joseph Joseph's multipurpose kitchen tool
Nest Utensils
Joseph Joseph's colourful nesting utensils
Baking Gift Set
Joseph Joseph's colourful baking set
Luckies' little voice recorder
Luckies' cute egg shaper
Star Map
Luckies' glow in the dark constellation map
Skull Caps
Luckies' dust caps for bicycle valves
Luckies' pencil sharpener shaped vegetable peeler
Big Head Memo Pad
J-Me's big head memo pad
Cactus Letter Holder
J-Me's cactus letter holder
Jot Desk Coaster
J-Me's coaster & pen pot
Rewind Desk Tidy
J-Me's stationary holder
Casa Organiser
J-Me's organiser to keep all your essentials
Target Coasters
Block's target coasters
Letter Rack
Block's letter rack
Magazine Rack
Block's living room organiser
Table Lighter
Block's acrylic table piece
Slam's Punch that makes plectrums from any credit card
Easy-to-use massage tool.
The alarm clock that runs away from you.
Chop 2 Pot
Joseph Joseph's folding chopping board
Credit Card Bottle Opener
Touch of Ginger's wallet-sized bottle opener
Tax Disc Holder
Touch of Ginger's magnetic tax disc holder
Claude Coat Hook
Touch of Ginger's claw hammer hook
Touch of Ginger's bill spike
Touch of Ginger's self-assembly characters
London Underground Bottle Opener
Addject's iconic opener
Bottlecap Tripod
Addject's plastic bottle-mounting tripod
MemoMate Noticeboard
Addject's magnetic noticeboard
Hot Stuff Hot Packs
Addject's heart-shaped heat pads
Yes No Maybe Clothing
YNM's range of T-shirts and hats
Pantone Mugs
W2's range colourful mugs
Sukie Notebook
Sukie's range of beautiful stationary
Elevate Kitchen Tools
Joseph Joseph's colourful kitchen tools
Hands-On Salad Bowl
Joseph Joseph's bowl and servers set
Y Salt and Pepper Mill
Joseph Joseph's Y-shaped grinder
Index Chopping Board
Joseph Joseph's range of kitchen chopping boards
Nest 8
Joseph Joseph's nesting kitchenware
Float Magazine Rack
J-Me's free-standing magazine rack
Shoe Rack
J-Me's free-standing or wall-mounting shoe rack
J-Me Tape Dispenser
J-Me's casette shaped tape dispenser
Pen Lid Pen Holder
J-Me's oversized Biro lid desk tidy
His and Hers Keyholder
J-Me's key tidys
Cozy Remote
J-Me's remote control tidy
Half Pint
Innermost's half pint mugs and glasses
Ghost Candelabra
Innermost's acrylic candle holder
Kapow Lightshade
Innermost's explosion inspired light shade
Stem Vase
Innermost's standard/mini vases
Jeeves and Wooster
Innermost's hat-shaped light shades
Box Appetit
Black and Blum lunch boxes
Loop Range
Black and Blum's fruit bowl, candle holder and vase
High and Dry
Black and Blum's folding dishrack
Waterproof Notebook
Luckies' waterproof notebook and pencil set
Tidy Ruler
Luckies' retro ruler and pencil sharpener
Sub Tea Infuser
Luckies' Yellow Submarine
MP3/Phone Hoodie
Luckies' protective gadget cases
Morris Memo Holder
Luckies' Mule-shaped desk tidy
I'm As Big As...
Luckies' comparative height chart
Chain Wine Bottle Holder
Luckies' floating optical illusion bottle holder
Undercover Sleeve
Luckies' covert MP3 & laptop protection
Leuchtturm Notebook
Leuchtturm's quality notebooks made for over 90 years
Alarm Clock that runs away to get you up.
Wood Clock
Digital time floating on a wooden block