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Blank Ticket Book

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Give great tickets.

  • Beautiful blank tickets for when an ugly e-ticket won’t do.
  • Book of 32 double-sided tickets in 4 different design.
  • Create your own unique and personal tickets to give.
  • Thick paper | Perforated edges | Gold foiling.
  • Remember: Email confirmations do not make great gifts!

An average gift can be put in a box and tied with a ribbon. But what if you want to gift someone a weekend away, gig tickets, a trip in a hot air balloon, an afternoon tea? A printed email confirmation folded up inside a card just isn’t good enough, and you know it. Give experience-gifts the presentation they deserve with our book of beautiful blank tickets. In each fabric-bound book there are 32 tickets in 4 different designs, complete with perforated edges and gold foiling. Keep note of the gifts you’ve given on the ticket stubs inside the book, and never hand over an e-ticket again.

An idea by Rosie Upright made by Suck UK

190 x 70 x 17mm | 0.1Kg