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Foosball Erasers

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Play table football anywhere with a pencil.

  • Two Foosball erasers which attach to any pencil
  • Each pack includes two colours for opposing sides
  • Measures 26mm(W) x 81mm(H) x 23mm(D)

Draw a football pitch, slide these erasers on to your pencil and kick off a foosball match with your colleague! When the boss comes round simply erase all the evidence. The Foosball Erasers are the perfect gift for any football (or soccer) fan.

An idea by Mike Vaiksaar made by Suck UK

The designer
Suck UK - Designer
Mike Vaiksaar
Born and raised in Leeds, Mike was introduced to Letraset, Rotring pens and airbrushes from a young age by his draughtsman father. This early introduction, along with an obsession with making everything possible himself, has led to a lifelong passion for design. Despite choosing to follow a more scientific path at school, Mike has still spent most of his life working on professional and personal creative projects, from screen printing t-shirts to designing and building furniture and graphic design. In recent years he has focused more on product design and inventing, holding patents for a number of inventions as well as creating ideas for gifts and homewares which can be found in shops worldwide.
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