Grid globe journal
Grid globe journal

Globe Journal

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Colour in your continents and connect up your countries.

  • A globe you can write on.
  • Graph paper surface perfect for drawing on.
  • Plot where you’ve been or plan your next adventure.
  • Rotates on a sturdy, stainless steel base.
  • Large 10” (Ø 25cm) | Small 5.5” (Ø 14cm)

Create your own globe! Log where you’ve been or where you want to go. The exercise pad style layout makes it easy to create a unique and artistic 3D travel journal, with the grid paper surface giving you the perfect blank canvas for pens, pencils, and markers. The stainless steel stand also allows you to show off all your creative work in style. So simply draw, doodle, and decorate the globe in your own way. Perfect for any globetrotting explorer.

Designed and made by Suck UK

Large 240 x 310 x 240mm | 0.7Kg
Small 150 x 175 x 150mm | 0.2Kg