Hippo Bottle Opener

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A bottle opener with serious bite.

  • Cast iron bottle opener in the shape of a hippo
  • Removes bottle tops with its jaw
  • Measures 125mm(W) x 60mm(H) x 50mm(D)

When it comes to popping caps off bottles, we’ve got the right jaws for the job. We all know the hippopotamus as a fearsome beast roaming the rivers of Africa, but this is one hippo you can invite to the party. Our friendlier, cast-iron version has excellent table manners and will bite open bottles with ease! This hefty hippo also makes an impressive ornament for your home or kitchen, so there’ll be no more so there’ll be no more digging in the drawer when you want to open that much-needed refreshment.

Designed and made by Suck UK

125 x 60 x 50mm | 0.6Kg