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Chopstick Drumsticks


Continuing on our crusade against ambiguous product names, and mixing it with our trend of taking two completely disparate items and slamming them together for seemingly no reason, let us introduce our Chopstick Drumsticks – Lazy puns about playing with your food aside, there probably really is good justification for making chopsticks with drumstick ends: perhaps you know a keen drummer who absolutely must have access to his instruments at all times, should inspiration strike during his spring rolls. Or maybe you are friends with that rare breed of man; the full-time sushi chef with a passion for percussion and no spare time to learn – In both circumstances our Chopstick Drumsticks are the perfect gift. But in every other situation they’re still pretty good presents. Unless you’re allergic to sushi, or rice, or rhythm.

A pack of two wooden chopsticks with drumstick ends, they provide much needed entertainment if you ever find yourself awaiting for your sushi! (Although, if you have ordered raw fish, you should question why it’s taking so long to be served).

Design by Moko